Discord Bots

I am currently hosting 5 publicly available Discord bots and applications:
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All bot command descriptions and private responses are available in English and French. The language will be picked automatically depending on your Discord settings.
If you need support on those bots or want to try them out, you can join the bot testing server!

Timezone Bot

Without timezone roles 7 servers

7 servers

This bot allows you to get Discord timestamps and check the time it is in other parts of the world and for other members of your server!

Here is a list of commands:

These slash commands issue private responses, so they can be used from anywhere without cluttering a channel with commands.

/set-timezone usage:

/time-for usage:

/discord-timestamp usage:

The timezone names recognized by /set-timezone are provided by the tz database and timeanddate.com. The /world-clock command uses Nominatim from OpenStreetMap for geocoding, and TimeZoneDB.com to turn the resulting position into a timezone.


With timezone roles 90 servers

90 servers

In addition to the above, this bot assigns timezone roles to the users on your server. As such, it requires the Manage Roles permission as it creates, deletes and updates timezone roles itself as needed. It is also limited to 100 servers due to Discord having denied verification to exceed that.

Two more commands allow admins to set the bot up, and are only accessible to members with the "Administrator" or "Manage Server" permission by default:

Here is what the timezone roles look like:

If /toggle-times is enabled:

If /toggle-times is disabled:


Mod Structure Verifier 55 servers

55 servers

This is a bot that downloads zips from Discord attachments or Google Drive links posted in a specific channel, and check if they are properly structured Celeste mods for Everest. This is useful to enforce a structure for collabs/contests, or just to check for some stuff like missing dependencies.

Server admins and moderators with the "Manage Server" permission can set up channels where other users can verify mods. The bot will ignore messages in other channels. 3 setups are available:

You can combine --setup-free-names with one of the 2 other setups in the same channel: the bot will pick depending on whether the user uses --verify or not.

After setting the bot up, the users will be able to have their zips checked by just dropping the zip or the Google Drive link in the channel you designated (they will have to use the --verify command if you set up the bot with --setup-free-names).

If you have a dialog file in a language like Japanese or Korean, you might be using characters that are absent from the vanilla game's font. The Mod Structure Verifier checks for that, and gives you a command to generate the missing characters: --generate-font [language]. Send this command along with your dialog file to get a zip with all the files you need to integrate the characters you use into the game's font! language should be one of chinese, japanese, korean, renogare or russian.

Example of a mod passing verification:

Example of a mod failing verification:


Games Bot 6 servers

6 servers

This bot allows you to play several 1- or 2-player games using slash commands and Discord interactions. You can play the 2-player games against a friend by pinging them in the command, or against the CPU.

Connect 4 (/puissance4 in French):

Minesweeper (/démineur in French):


Tic-Tac-Toe (/morpion in French):

To start playing, use a slash command or right-click on another server member:


Custom Slash Commands 55 servers

55 servers

This application allows you to add custom slash commands that send out fixed responses of your choice on your server.

To set it up, use the /addc command:

is_public controls whether the bot response should be visible to everyone (is_public = true), or only to the person that ran the command (is_public = false).

Then, anyone on the server can see and use the command:

Alternatively, you can write up a message and turn it into a custom slash command by right-clicking on it:

Once created, you can edit commands with /editc, remove them with /removec, and list all defined commands with /clist.

You can also set up custom slash commands that respond with Discord embeds:


BananaBot 5 servers

5 servers

An unofficial bot that allows you to search Celeste mods on GameBanana. The command is /gamebanana-search [query]. The search results are private, and a button allows you to make it public once you found the mod you want to share.

Here is a video demo:


Timezone Bot and Mod Structure Verifier logos by phant