Hi there! 👋 I'm Maddie, a backend developer from France that codes random stuff on her free time. And this is the website where most of said random stuff ends up. 😛

So, what can I find here?

This website has a lot of tools and APIs related to Celeste modding. Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain and overcoming your inner demons. If you own the game on PC, you can check the mod loader's website to get started with modding!
This website also has a few APIs, that are documented on GitHub. Those are what allow the Everest mod updater, the "install missing dependencies" button, and the Olympus mod browser to work!
You can also find information on the five Discord bots I made here, and invites for them. Some of them are HTTP-based, and are run on this website directly!

Some Stats (updated hourly)

588,113 requests were served last week, with HTTP statuses:
Here is the amount of calls to each of the bots last week:
Here is the amount of events (issues, pull requests, commits, comments) from me over the last week on the different GitHub repositories I contribute to:
In addition, I made 100 events happen last week at my work's GitLab repositories. Nothing to show here though, they're private. 😛

And who are you exactly?

Just a girl in her late twenties that likes programming, video games and silly stuff. 😝 I've got a bit of a hyperfocus on Celeste as you can see here, but I sometimes mess with obscure glitchy games, leading to rather interesting things like stacking cars or shooting forklifts into space.
Maintaining all of that stuff takes time, but this is what I like doing 😄 And at the end of the day, I don't really play video games that much, even Celeste. 🤔
As far as programming languages go, I'm using:
I also messed around in other languages like Ruby or Python. I don't have a real preference, as long as the language allows me to do what I want. 😛
You can find me on Discord, I'm maddie480 and I hang out quite a bit on the Celeste server. I'm also on GitHub, and my Celeste mods are showcased on GameBanana!
I hope you'll find this website useful, don't hesitate to report issues or to make suggestions on Discord! ❤️
~ Maddie