Hi there! 👋 I'm Maddie, a backend developer from France that codes random stuff on her free time. And this is the website where most of said random stuff ends up. 😛
Here is a quick rundown of what I do and what you'll find on the website:

Celeste-related stuff

Celeste modding is the thing I'm the most involved in. Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain and overcoming your inner demons. If you own the game on PC, you can check the mod loader's website to get started with modding!
You can check my GameBanana profile to see my Celeste mods. I don't make maps, but rather "helpers": entities and tools other people can use in their maps. This very website hosts the Everest Update Checker, which allows the mod loader to check for mod updates or install missing dependencies, as well as a few modding tools:
This website also has a few APIs, that are documented on GitHub. Those are what allow the Everest mod updater, the "install missing dependencies" button, and the Olympus mod browser to work!

Discord bots

I run five small Discord bots that you can invite in your discussion server:

Les Navets Jouables (aka "messing around with obscure games")

Les Navets Jouables is a small French channel that messes around with bad games ("navet" designates bad films in French... and also means "turnip", so the name literally translates to "The Playable Turnips" 😛). They're making YouTube videos, and have a Twitch channel.
... and I've had some fun with a few games they tested, that happen to mostly be abandonware. My findings and (dubious) achievements are grouped on a dedicated GitHub repository (in French). This includes console commands, stuff hidden in the games, ways to mod them (including what are probably the only mods ever made for Streatham Hill Stories, Pizza Dude (link in French) and Air Control) and some explanations for their quirks.
For Pizza Dude in particular, a video was made on the channel (again, in French) to showcase the findings we made with some other community members.
... oh, and there's a radio too. It broadcasts music from the games tested on the channel. And it's also not actually a radio, but more like a shared playlist that plays MP3s, but eh, close enough.

QUEST by Laupok

A French YouTuber called Laupok once released a pre-alpha version of a multiplayer Zelda-style game, with the placeholder name of... QUEST. A quite small community (in the double digits) formed around this game, and made several mods, since the game was rather easy to mod (it's mostly made of txt / bmp / wav files that can be edited). Today, the game was silently abandoned, the official website of the YouTuber doesn't exist anymore (the game can still be downloaded from this very website though), and the community disappeared.
Back when it was active (and before getting into Celeste), I made a mod loader and a bot to upload and list QUEST mods. There also was a website tied to that bot... those all still exist! I eventually made them read-only, though. No one is making mods anymore anyway. 😅
You can check people's mods here, and modding tools here (in French). The bot was eventually reworked and made open-source over here, but it still cannot be invited in other servers. It has stuff like leveling, profiles, Discord presence stats, reminders, countdowns / timers... and amazingly enough, a handful of people still collect their daily rewards on the QUEST Discord server, despite absolutely nothing else happening there. 😛

Some Stats (updated hourly)

1,025,101 requests were served last week, with HTTP statuses:
Here is the amount of calls to each of the bots last week:
Here is the amount of events (issues, pull requests, commits, comments) from me over the last week on the different GitHub repositories I contribute to:


You can find me on:
I hope you'll find this website useful, don't hesitate to report issues or to make suggestions on Discord!
~ Maddie